Green500 successor scheme and close down of the AEA managed scheme

Posted on 31/03/2011 by Stuart Ballinger, Green500 Programme Manager

We are writing to provide a further update on the Green500 scheme following a communication from the Mayor’s Office on the 24 January 2011. 

The Mayor has been hugely impressed by the activity of Green500 members over the past 4 years and wishes to continue to formally recognise these efforts in supporting London’s transition to a world leading low carbon capital.  Green500 has been one of the Mayor’s most effective carbon reduction programmes to date with the average cost of £22 per tonne of carbon saved. This has been achieved through Green500 members setting challenging action plans and taking groundbreaking steps to reduce carbon. 

Green500 members have delivered a range of exciting initiatives including:

•    Many examples of improved energy management.
•    Partnering with suppliers and customers to reduce carbon through product sourcing and selection and through distribution efficiencies.
•    Excavated material from the Canary Wharf Crossrail Station construction site being transported using barges, taking an estimated 20,000 lorries off the road over the next two years.
•    Proactive working with vehicle manufacturers to procure vehicles based on safety rating and carbon emissions and understanding next generation vehicle technology.
•    ‘Green Mode’ buses enabling bus drivers to receive immediate feedback on the fuel efficiency of their driving.
•    Engagement with hotel guests by simply asking them to request replacement of sheets and towels rather than automatically replacing them.  This is resulting in month on month cost savings of 25%.

    As you will no doubt have read, the LDA has been affected by the central government spending cuts. This means the Green500 scheme has been less active since the summer of 2010 and there is no longer funding available from the LDA for the scheme going forward.  However, the LDA are keen to continue activity by developing a member led initiative, supported by staff within the LDA.  This is the natural next step for the Green500 members who are now effectively pioneering innovative ways to cut carbon. We hope that members agree that this is a great opportunity for members to continue to demonstrate leadership, share best practice, celebrate success, and drive the programme forwards. 

This new scheme is being developed with leadership provided by a high profile board of Green500 members. This board will continue to support rigorous carbon reduction within London’s private sector and achievements will continue to be recognised publicly through the Mayor of London’s annual Green Awards, something we know Green500 members value. The aim is for this revised scheme to remain the principle focus in London for organisations who want to contribute to the Mayor's carbon reduction targets.

The LDA are currently in the process of establishing the Green500 Board and if you would like to become a board member, please contact Kore Mason ( All existing Green500 members will have the opportunity to transfer to the new scheme free of charge.

Your membership as a participating business under the AEA managed Green500 scheme will now end. Please take the date of this letter as the date of notification of this termination and that, in accordance with condition 13.1 (a) of the Membership Agreement, the termination will be deemed to be effective one month thereafter, on 30 April 2011.

The LDA look forward to continuing to work with your organisation to support its carbon reduction journey. As from the 1 April 2011, please direct any queries you may have concerning the new scheme to the LDA to Kore Mason (