Green500 Carbon Mentors

Sean Chen – Carbon Support Officer, Mouchel
Sean has been working as a mechanical design engineer in Mouchel Energy and Carbon Projects for over two years. He is responsible for the design of gas pipelines and related equipment for high/low pressure natural gas transmission for both domestic and international markets, as well as project liaison between company and clients, in order to deliver quality and speedy service. Sean is a Carbon Support Officer for Green500, writing Carbon Opportunities Assessments and Action Plans.

Katherine Cooke, Carbon Mentor and Project Manager, AEA

Katherine is a Prince 2 Practioner. Her experience since 2003 covers environmental and engineering projects involving both private and public sector clients. Recent projects have involved Minerals Industry Research Organisation (MIRO) and WRAP projects relating to environmental parameters affecting the minerals Sector. She is a ‘Carbon Mentor’ to Britvic and London Concrete (Aggregate Industries) on the Mayor of London’s carbon reduction scheme. She has practical experience in implementation of process improvements across manufacturing plants. Katherine has broad knowledge of the Carbon Reduction Commitment and has worked on BAA and VW strategies for entry. She currently manages the Envirowise Wales Resource Efficiency Club programme.

Other recent work has included the development of an environmental screening assessment tool and assessment algorithm for EUROCONTROL and facilitating the Renewable Advisory Board (RAB) in relation to National Policy Statements (NPS’s) in line with 2020  targets.

Vicki Cripps, Carbon Support Officer, Mouchel

Vicki is a graduate Electrical Engineer, working for Mouchel’s Energy and Carbon Projects sector, designing electrical installations for the gas industry. She is currently involved in a project to feed biomethane, generated as a byproduct at commercial sites, into the gas distribution network. Vicki is a Carbon Support Officer for Green500, analysing data in order to produce Carbon Opportunities Assessments and Action Plans.

James Fryer, Carbon Mentor, AEA
James has an honours degree in Environmental Biology and is a consultant at AEA; before joining AEA  James project lead and developed EMS's in line with ISO14001 from planning phase through to implementation for SME's and blue chip companies. He is experienced in client engagement and behavioural change. Under the Green500 umbrella, James has worked in business development and the mentor role; he enjoys working closely with clients to really understand their needs and aims to tailor the green 500 service to ensure the best results are achieved for each individual client. He is impressed with the level of involvement and enthusiasm from all Green500 members.

Marla Fuchs - Programme Manager, Energy & Carbon Projects, Mouchel Plc.
Marla leads a talented team of mentors at Mouchel.  She also works an expert and mentor for the Green500 to help provide technical guidance and support to help members make significant carbon savings.  Marla brings with her several years of engineering experience and a Masters degree from the University of Cambridge in Engineering for Sustainability Development.  She is passionate about the environment and has a particular interest in energy, climate change and carbon markets.  Marla also manages the Mayor's Green Procurement Code for Mouchel, contributing to further carbon reductions within London.

Saira Haider, Principal Consultant and Economist, Mouchel Plc.
Having completed a Masters in Public and Economic Policy at the London School of Economics in 2008, Saira specialises in public policy, sustainable development economics and more specifically issues relating to environmental assessment, climate change and carbon disclosure.    At Mouchel Saira has been in involved in a variety of work including: market scoping analysis of sustainable energy saving technologies, cost benefit analysis for smart infrastructure projects, business advisory to London Waste and Recycling Board clients on waste reuse projects, social and environmental impact assessments for utility supply demand management planning and cost modelling for biogas and bio-methane production projects.

Simon Jack, Carbon Mentor, AEA
Simon Jack has been with Green500 from the outset and leads the team of mentors. Simon is also responsible for many of the conceptual processes and 'behind the scenes' operations of scheme. Aside from Green500, Simon's typical consultancy work includes activities such as carbon management and corporate environmental reporting. However, with a passion for employee motivation and creativity, expect him to show an interest in how your organisation might use sustainability issues to enhance the culture of your workplace.

Matthew Rowland-Jones, Carbon Mentor, AEA
Matthew provides carbon mentoring support to a number of Green 500 companies in the retail and office sectors. Working with retail and office based organisations within the Green500 program has complimented his role as a project manager working in these sectors for other AEA projects. Matthew is also one of AEA sustainable procurement and environmental management systems experts and has delivered a number of workshops and webinars on these subjects.  He has used his skills and knowledge to help member companies develop meaningful  and measurable action plans that have helped  his members striving to achieve more efficient business operations.

Patricia Sadiq – Carbon Mentor and Consultant, AEA
Trisha has a background in Business and Management Accounting but after gaining a BSc in Environmental Science she has redirecting her efforts and has worked as a carbon mentor for the Green500 since joining AEA in 2008.  Her role provides an opportunity to work with a range of public and private sector clients including organisations in transport; financial services and education.  To date the organisations Trisha is responsible for have saved over 6,800 tCO2 and have so far committed to saving over 10,000 tCO2 by the end of the scheme.
Trisha is involved in a variety of other diverse and engaging energy and resource efficiency programmes where her passion for the environment can be channelled into advocating good environmental practice.  She is also involved in managing environmental pollution advisory campaigns for farmers.

Michael Savage, Carbon Mentor, AEA
Michael is an all round environmentalist with a Masters in Environment and Business. He has worked at AEA for four years, largely for Envirowise, a promotional programme managed by AEA for DEFRA. He was responsible for promoting best practice for environmental improvement through resource efficiency to UK companies. His last role involved the development of key account relationships with the major food & drink companies and this work has led to significant savings. More recently, Michael has been involved in sales for, and the Carbon Mentor role for The Green 500. He also acts as a facilitator to several sectors for the monitoring and negotiation of Climate Change Agreements.

Toby Smith, Carbon Mentor, AEA
As a Carbon Management specialist at AEA, Toby has enjoyed working with several Green500 members on the programme. These include the Dorchester Hotel, London Metropolitan Police and GE Capital. He has been really impressed with the enthusiasm and commitment members have shown throughout the process. Exploring different solutions with the wide variety of members on the scheme is particularly rewarding.

When he is not working with the Green500, Toby manages several renewable energy technology projects and others working with large companies in facing the Carbon Reduction Commitment legislation.

Darren Trotter, Carbon Mentor, AEA
Darren has acted as a carbon mentor since the programmes inception in 2008. He has worked with a number of organisations within the transport and logistics sector as well as with a number of sporting stadia. Working with transport and logistics organisations within the Green500 programme has complimented his role as a Consultant working within the sustainable transport team at AEA. Working with operators of sporting stadia has provided Darren with the opportunity to work at some of the most prestigious sporting venues in the world and apply his knowledge and expertise. He has subsequently been able to offer carbon reduction advice and generate action plans that have contributed towards his members implementing more efficient business practices.
Darren is currently working with 8 organisations under the Green500 program; one of which achieved the highly prized Diamond award in 2008.

Emilie Walsh, Carbon Mentor, AEA.
Emilie Walsh was initially involved in management of the Green500 carbon mentors and since became a mentor herself. Being familiar with a range of mentor experiences has enabled her to bring a broad selection of skills to her clients and the mentoring process. Emilie has also been involved in other energy and resource efficiency projects and has a passion for helping companies and industries to realise their potential in reducing unnecessary wastage.

David Wynn – Carbon Mentor, AEA

David has a BA degree in Environmental Management and joined AEA after working at the Environment Agency for a year. David has been a Carbon Mentor under the Green500 scheme since 2008. He currently looks after 12 sites, including two hospitals, various large office buildings and four major London tourist attractions. David has also been involved in a range of other projects since joining AEA looking mainly at transport policy and technologies.